Sport events overview for Amsterdam

UX Design

The design challenge

Within the Zuidoost district of Amsterdam, the Sportstimulering department is responsible for the implementation of the local sports incentive policy. The sports providers have an important place in this. Sportstimulering works on an accessible sports environment for all citizens of Amsterdam, where everyone can find the offer that suits him/her and can enjoy the sport with pleasure. The Sportstimulering department in Zuidoost has the desire to bring the entire range of sports incentives from events to workshops at the center of attention through an app or a mobile web site. There are many initiatives within the district that have something to do with sport but often an overview is missing. Providers often have difficulty in spotlighting their offer and potential users may have problems to find what they are looking for. That is why the Zuidoost district has expressed the ambition to develop a digital product in which the complete range of sports is easily accessible to the user.

The solution

I designed a complete information architecture and a set of high-fidelity wireframes that form a solution for the design challenge. With my solution, people can easily find sports events in their area and discover new sports and sports events that might be interesting for them.

About this project

This three-week project was part of the Minor User Experience Design I followed in 2019. This design challenge had to be solved during the course of Information Architecture. The final deliverables of this information architecture were sitemaps, flowcharts, high-fidelity wireframes, and screen flows.


After digging deeper into the problem I teamed up with some other students to prepare some interviews we wanted to do with people living in the Zuidoost district of Amsterdam. We prepared some questions to find out what search strategies people apply right now to do research about a sport. The results were quite interesting. Because most people actually don’t look online to do research about a sport, a sports club, or an event.

We asked children, parents with children, and adults some questions about their experiences with sport in Amsterdam Zuidoost. The most important insights I got during the interviews are:

• People often don’t look online when doing research about sports clubs. For events though, people tend to look online more often than they do for a sports club. When people want to join a sports club, they often just ask peers that are a member of a sports club for advice. They get to know a sports club “via via” by just asking others. No digital interface involved.

• People, and especially children, need to be motivated to start doing sport. A sport has to be attractive to them. Children don’t want to sport because ‘they have to.’ Instead, they want to have a good time together with others (friends).

• Children don’t do online research about a sport themselves. If online research is going to happen, the parents of the children do this.

• People don’t want to travel far to a location where a sport takes place. They rather stay in their own neighborhood to participate in a sport.

• Some people know exactly what sport they want to do, while other people are not sure yet what sport they are interested in. An online overview could help both people reach their goal.

The solution

My solution provides a clear overview of all the sports events happening in the Zuidoost district of Amsterdam. The user can use this overview to explore and search all the different events in their area, or in another area of their choice. I chose for events, instead of all things related to sports, because I think a provider can use an event they organize to promote their club and to gather new members. When I was a kid I discovered a sports club in that way. There was a free event in my village hosted and sponsored by a cycling club. Kids could bring their own bikes to race against each other and the cycling club provided helmets and handed out prizes to the winners. I ended up in the second place and the following week I became an active member of the cycling club.

The sitemap

Right here you see the sitemap of my concept. The goal of my concept is to help the people living in Amsterdam Zuidoost find interesting sports events they can join. The concept is capable of performing a directed search but also supports casual browsing. The user can view events in both a list and a map. Also, the user can easily filter and sort the events so he can quickly find the event that is perfect for him.


My concept supports different search and information seeking strategies. The screen flows below show two of them.

Known-item: the users know what they want, what words to use to describe it and may have a fairly good understanding of where to start.

Exploratory: People have some idea of what they need to know. However, they may or may not know how to articulate it and, if they can, may not yet know the right words to use.

Presenting my work to the client

At the end of this project, 4 students who had the best concept were selected to present their idea to the client: the City of Amsterdam. It was very cool that I was one of the students who was selected. The client was very happy with my work and is now planning on further developing the concept.